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  1. @JRBrick - right now, it appears like buying the gift cards from yourself is the only option. it's ridiculous, though. you shouldn't have to buy from yourself in order to generate gift cards you intend to use for promotional purpose or for donating to a cause. but that's the solution i was given by Squarespace customer care several months ago. right now, i do discount codes + a free shipping code when i'm doing giveaways.
  2. have you contacted Squarespace support about this? with all the problems/issues about the Members Area being posted here, it sounds like a not so well-thought out or beta tested product. i would hate to pay more money for something that's riddled with issues.
  3. no, this is not possible. you can email them the file, though, or send them a link where they can download their customized file.
  4. @paul2009 - just a note that the link to the Squarespace news - https://sf.digital/squarespace-news - that you have on the page (in the first paragraph) is a dead link.
  5. Contact their Customer Care and lodge this feature request. That's the official way to do so. They don't really read/consider requests here on the forums.
  6. You're going to have to create a ticket to customer care about this. They don't read and/or count requests posted here on the forums.
  7. you can put the product in its own shop page and then password-protect it. that way, only those who are in your email list will be able to buy your product. you can give them a timeframe (e.g., a week ahead of everyone else) to buy your product and then after that, you can move the product in the store page where you normally have products listed.
  8. you can create a form where a customer can select the 6 varieties in the Additional Info for the product.
  9. Shop pages supporting 10,000 products are great but I have to say that they are a pain in the **s to manage because there is no automatic sorting feature for products. When you add a product to a shop page, you'll have to manually drag it to the right spot if you want it alphabetized. If you set several categories for a product, you will have to go in EVERY category to drag the product to the right place. Otherwise, it gets thrown to the front or very bottom -- and this is reflected on the page that customers see. It boggles me why Squarespace didn't include an automatic sorting feature so pro
  10. @BloomBoxUS - with how I have my subscriptions set up, yes. I have Google forms for the different subscriptions I have, which I then embed in hidden pages in my Squarespace store. Then whenever subscriptions renew, my subscribers get an email from MoonClerk with a customized message containing a link to the page in my store that has the Google form for them to fill out and specify their choices.
  11. I sell subscriptions as well and I actually use MoonClerk instead of the built-in subscription in Squarespace (which I feel is a half-baked feature because you can't even manage your subscribers in Squarespace). Whenever a subscription renews, MoonClerk sends my customer an email with a link to my store that contains a Google form where they can specify their choices. It's been working well for the kind of products I sell. (Plus I'm easily able to manage subscribers from the MoonClerk dashboard.)
  12. you could create an unlinked page with the video and put a password on the page. then on the donation email donors receive, you can include the link and password.
  13. unfortunately, there's no way to enable this. if you create a fixed $ amount off, customers must put a product that's equivalent to that amount or greater in order for the code to work. it's one of the frustrating/annoying things with Squarespace's so-called advanced discounting. after moving my store to SQSP in May, i had to "re-train" my customers who were used to applying fixed $ amount off on a product that was less than the amount of the code. i spent a lot of time explaining how the discounting/coupons worked on the new platform.
  14. i'm blown away by how slow Squarespace appears to be (or how they don't really seem to care) in adapting to the current e-commerce climate brought about by the pandemic. so many features being requested by Squarespace customers Squarespace is failing to address that it looks like they are losing business. so much potential here for Squarespace to be at the forefront and become a serious competitor. every day i see here in the forum requests from users for features that should have been present from the start (or should have already been implemented because they've been requested for years!) a
  15. Squarespace is simply an e-commerce platform, so it will not intervene on your or the buyer's behalf. You deal with disputes yourself. Sounds like you need to insure packages you ship out so that when a buyer files a claim due to damage, you can at least be covered.
  16. go to Commerce -> Related Products. from there you can specify the text in the Section Title.
  17. if you set up shipping options, you'll be able to create free shipping codes just for specific shipping options, i.e., shipping codes for US, Canada, international, etc. when you create a free shipping code, you'll be able to choose which option you want the code to apply to. unfortunately, there is no way to make free shipping codes not combine with other discounts. you can set your free shipping code to apply to orders over a certain amount -- i.e., free shipping on any order over $100.
  18. i know it isn't the best solution but you can partially refund customers on shipping they paid. just communicate to your customers (via announcement bar or on your shipping rates page) that the shipping quotes they see on checkout are pulled from USPS, and whenever you can, you will ship via the cheapest and refund anything over.
  19. well, the best person to help troubleshoot your issue, no matter how small, is the author of the extension. they know their code inside out so they are the ones i would go to for help and are in the best position to help you. you said you have already contacted them and if they don't get back to you in a day or two, contact them again.
  20. contact their customer care and put this in as a feature request. i wouldn't hold my breath, though. from what i've seen around here and from experience, SQSP could care less about what its actual customers need or even get simple, expected features in an e-commerce system added in a timely manner.
  21. Go to Commerce -> Customer Notifications. You'll be able to customize emails, including adding your logo to order receipts.
  22. have you considered creating a graphic of your logo with the text colors you want? much better/easier than messing with code, imo.
  23. SQSP folk don't really read every post in this forum nor do they respond to feature requests here. you will need to contact customer support and log a ticket regarding a feature you want added. and then pray (if you're the praying sort) because there is no guarantee the feature you want will ever see the light of day. they tend to do what they want rather than actually listen to their customers. if they did, issues/problems/limitations with taxes, order creation, shipping, manual gift card creation, manual order creation, coupons/discounts, etc. would have already been fixed or addressed. hone
  24. Go to Pages, click on the + on the right of Not Linked. You'll see Folder as one of the options.
  25. I've done this with a few products in my store. What I did was create a folder (for organization purposes) that's not linked. Then inside that folder, I created a store to contain products I don't want to show in my main site.
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