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  1. this is a gross limitation of Squarespace. you can't even mark an order as partially fulfilled, something you're able to do in other e-commerce platforms. i really wish Squarespace will get their act together and make their Commerce plans more up to par with other e-commerce platforms. i read the other day they just raised $600 million -- wish they'd put even a small fraction of that into fixing a lot of what's lacking in the Commerce plans: manual order creation, partial fulfillment, ability to delete customer accounts ourselves, manual gift card creation, better discounting, pick-up/cash on
  2. Squarespace's discounting feature isn't that advanced as to let you set minimum quantities of products for discounts to apply. However, if you're dealing with just one product, you can do an automatic % discount on orders over a certain $ amount. So if your product is $100, set an automatic discount of 35% off on orders over $399.99 (x4 of your $100 product).
  3. This is not possible. The checkout page is locked in and cannot be modified except by Squarespace.
  4. instead of the first code Paypal generates for you when you create a button, try the email link code (second tab) -- that way, you can use either a text link (e.g., BUY NOW) or a button/graphic. so it shouldn't be problem to use regardless of the Squarespace plan you're on.
  5. you can create Paypal buttons and then embed those in your Squarespace pages. create a page for each product you sell and then add the corresponding Paypal buy button. i do this on some items that i want to bypass Squarespace checkout -- like bundles/kits that i don't want my customers to use discount codes or gift codes on because they are already heavily discounted.
  6. well, i'm sure reps read posts like these but they're not going to do anything about it. you want a feature? you need to officially log a ticket for it, but even then you're not guaranteed it's going to be implemented. if you look at posts here, there's at least half a dozen features missing that's been requested for YEARS and they still haven't been implemented. you would think a feature like manual payment for admins/store owners so they can place orders on behalf of customers who pay other than Paypal or Stripe would be available, eh? other platforms have this feature built-in, but not here
  7. it would be good, though, if Squarespace allows admins/owners to create GIFT CODES -- because discount codes are different and if i were a customer who bought a gift code before, i would be pretty upset to be given a discount code if something goes wrong, because then the discount code would cover only products, whereas gift codes cover both products and shipping. other e-commerce platforms allow for manual creation of gift codes (or gift certificates), and it boggles me why Squarespace doesn't have this functionality. (and i have officially logged a request for this feature before -- many tim
  8. not going to do much by asking Squarespace here on the forums for a feature that is crucial/essential to running a business. you need to log in a ticket and make the request there so they see it. they have mentioned before they do not really monitor the forums for feature requests.
  9. Would the OP's products be deemed an event or service? If so, they wouldn't be able to use Afterpay because services and ticket sales and events are restricted businesses and therefore cannot use Afterpay through Stripe. See https://stripe.com/afterpay-clearpay/legal - item #7
  10. Be aware that digital products are one of several products that Stripe does not allow for the use of Afterpay. I thought I would activate Afterpay on my store and saw a notice that I don't qualify. Digital goods are in Stripe's list of product restrictions for transacting with Afterpay. I sell both digital and tangible products. See https://stripe.com/afterpay-clearpay/legal - item #7
  11. you need to click "Save & Publish". in the background you have the product hidden. make it public first and then the link should work.
  12. it looks likes you can create international shipping labels from Shippo. you'll see a list here: https://goshippo.com/carriers/ you'll just need to figure out the rates per the weight of your shirts.
  13. no, you won't be able to import gift cards from another platform to Squarespace. Squarespace won't even let you create gift cards! you have to buy them from yourself if you want to have them created. one option is to create discount codes that are the equivalent to the remaining amounts in the unused gift cards but then you will have to do this manually (one by one) because Squarespace doesn't offer the ability to create batch discounts.
  14. unfortunately, Squarespace is limited in this capacity in that you can only create discount codes ONE by ONE and manually. you can't upload or create discount codes in batches, nor can you edit existing discount codes in batches.
  15. based on the posts here in the forum about the Members Area, it looks like it wasn't thoroughly beta-tested before release. so many shortcomings and missing features.
  16. what you can do is create a text file and put the Google drive and/or Dropbox link to the file. zip this and upload it to the corresponding digital product on Squarespace. when a customer orders the digital product, they will download the text or zip file that contains the download link(s). do this for every digital product you sell on Squarespace.
  17. i don't think you can set a minimum order amount by country. in Commerce -> Checkout, you can set a minimum order amount but it appears this applies to all customers regardless of where they are. one solution i can think of is to set up a separate store just for UK customers, set the shipping there just for UK customers, and then set the minimum order amount. the thing is you'd have to maintain two sets of inventory, unless you use a third-party extension like Trunk.
  18. it's ridiculous, isn't it? overall inventory tracking (when you have variants) should be a built-in feature in the Advanced Commerce plan and yet it is not and customers have to resort to using -- and paying! -- third-party add-ons. what happens when these companies go out of business? $29 a month for just one functionality is insanely expensive. because the Advanced Commerce plan is crippled, you could end up paying 4-5 third-party companies at least $29 a month each just to get your Squarespace store working the way you need it to work -- because it doesn't have the essential features you ne
  19. @LilianLVB - unfortunately, the discounting feature on Squarespace is not that advanced. you can't do discounting the way you described.
  20. you can generate a discount code for just one customer by setting the limit total uses to 1 and customer limit to 1 also. you can give it a descriptive name like, 25% off - Customer Name. unfortunately, with Squarespace, you set discount codes one by one. the Discounts section/area could be better too, and it would be nice to be able to batch edit discounts.
  21. @RCL87 - with dollar amount prize codes, a customer can't combine another sale promo code with those. for example, if i'm running a 10% instant discount storewide, a $10 prize code will override the instant discount. as for free shipping, it depends on how you have free shipping set up. in my case, i offer free US shipping on orders of at least $35 - the free shipping is auto-applied. however, someone with a $10 prize code will have to put in $45 worth of products in their cart in order to trigger the free shipping. if they put $35 worth of products in their cart and use their $10 prize code,
  22. not that i'm aware of. i wish we can partially fulfill orders but squarespace commerce doesn't have that capability (when other platforms do).
  23. THIS! It took me all but 30 seconds to switch back to the old editor when I tried the new editor back in November. It was TERRIBLE! There is nothing wrong with the old/current editor so I wonder why in the world they would want their customers to switch to the new editor that is clearly so dumbed down, so buggy, and offers a poor User Experience as @JPalm pointed out. If it's not broken, why fix it?!?!?!? There are TONS of new features and enhancements Squarespace could add to the Commerce plans -- features that many have asked for over the years and yet they seem to simply ignore those valid
  24. Oh wow. Gift card purchases also disappeared from my orders section. It's blank when the list was there last week when I checked. Squarespace has been having so many technical incidents lately I bet this is just one more of those. GEEZ!
  25. your client would be better off with another platform that offers the Cash on Delivery if time is of essence. you can log a request with Squarespace customer support for the functionality but don't hold your breath. you'll be given their standard response: that they've let their engineering team know and will add your request to their list blah, blah, blah, but they can't guarantee it will be done/added. they work on their own timeline, so better go with a different platform that already has what your client wants/needs.
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