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  1. 6 hours ago, Willdoes said:

    I have raised a few tickets and still nothing!


    yeah, you will often see people here (including me sometimes) say to create a ticket with customer care about the features you want added -- because that's what SQSP says is the "official" way to make requests. however, they will tell you they don't guarantee your requests will be implemented. to be honest, i think it's all lip service because i've yet to see them really listen to their customers, especially to their existing/paying ones. you'll find many requests dating back YEARS and they've been ignored. i've never come across a more unresponsive company than Squarespace.

  2. Squarespace's subscription feature is SEVERELY lacking. quite frankly, i don't know how they could even continue offering this feature when it so obviously incomplete...and continually ignore their paying customers' requests after having identified where the feature falls short. it's unbelievable how unresponsive they are and incredibly slow to implement features that their customers have been begging for for years.

    i have been using MoonClerk to manage my subscriptions - super easy! and if you have existing subscribers whose recurring price you want to change (like lower), you would simply need to find their name/email address under the Plan tab and click on edit. no need to make them cancel their current subscriptions. 

  3. good luck with that. per forum rules, they don't monitor feature requests here. nor do they really listen to customers, especially when it comes to features that are so very needed to make their Commerce plans work as expected (or at least comparable to others like Shopify). years and years of requests have largely gone ignored if you pore through posts here. their subscription feature is pathetic because as you said, it's pretty unusable the way they have it now. it was one of the things i liked initially when i was moving my store, but i ended up using MoonClerk for my subscriptions after going through their help/support pages and i realized managing (or the lack of the ability to manage) subscriptions through Squarespace was going to be problematic down the line.

  4. Not sure I understand your question. I see on your site you already have the free shipping over £50 mentioned on the announcement bar. That should make it obvious to your customers they get free shipping if they order over £50 worth of your products. Or did you mean you want something like "Free shipping over £50" visible on every product? (If so, I think this would be overkill.)

    Or maybe you mean you want orders £50 to reflect free shipping on checkout? If so, you need to create an automatic discount. Go to Discount then on Trigger, pick Automatic Discount. On Promotion, pick Free Shipping. Under Applies To, pick Orders Over and specify £49.99. Fill out the rest and then save your discount.

  5. Yes, you will have to drag and drop each product if you want them to appear alphabetically...that or buy an expensive plugin. Honestly, it's ridiculous for Squarespace to not have this sorting functionality when each shop page can now hold up to 10,000 products. I mean what half-twit coder leaves out an important function like that?!?!?!?!

  6. I don't think this is possible. Some things you can do:

    (a) use the announcement bar and mention customers can order a maximum of 4 free product samples at a time. I'm assuming you at least charge for shipping.

    (b) include in each product description a note that customers can order only 4 free product samples at a time.

    (c) in the Additional Information section during checkout, mention that only up to 4 product samples can be ordered at a time. Ask them to remove any other product samples over the limit.

    (d) customize the confirmation email your customers receive to repeat the info: only 4 free products per order. If, after making it obvious on your site/store the 4-free-product-limit-per-order customers still put in more than 4 in their cart and check out, you can put in the confirmation email that only the first 4 free product samples will be sent to them.

    There really is no way to set limits to the number of products customers are allowed to add to their carts, especially when it comes to free product samples.

  7. 8 hours ago, gryen67 said:

    I think diverse social media networks are beneficial for individuals who're beginning out too! Remember, you're now not the only entrepreneur out there, there'll continually be the small hazard that a person thinks of the enterprise name you have already got.

    @gryen67 dude, your post does not make any sense, especially since it doesn't connect at all to the topic of my post.

  8. you would need to create separate products if you want to display them separately instead of using the variant feature. white bodysuit = 1 product; black bodysuit = 1 product; orange bodysuit = 1 product; purple bodysuit = product. you can duplicate a product and simply change the title and modify the description to reflect the color. add product thumbnail too that corresponds to the color of bodysuit.

  9. always thought it very strange that Squarespace has the policy of not tracking feature requests in this forum when in fact, it's a hotbed of requests because it's where existing paying customers, and potential customers go. how hard is it to put one or two of their people here to monitor feature requests and put together a list to review on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis? many features have been requested (begged for) for years and they have not been addressed at all, it's ridiculous. and the recently launched Members Area -- i can't help but think is a half-baked product. i look at what they charge for it and heck, i'd never pay to use it after seeing here in the forums what many of those who signed up to use it are encountering issues after issues. i mean...GEEZ!

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