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  1. @creedon, thanks for your response. Do you know why they would show up in this site audit? Them showing up in here leads me to believe Google may find them also. As far as I can tell I dont have them linked anywhere. Literally the only connection they have is a single "Add to cart" button on a page. For the audit, every other page that is no-indexed does not show up on this report which is why I believe these will be indexed.
  2. Site URL: https://seotographer.com I've disabled my shop from being indexed by utilizing the button on the main Shop page and it's still being indexed and showing up in Site Audits. I've also tried the code injection for disabling search indexing and it's still showing up. The shop pages are not linked anywhere on the website so I suspect it must be getting grabbed from the sitemap.xml. What am I missing to get these out of search?
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