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  1. On our previous host this code worked fine (below). In Squarespace, I followed the simple instructions by inserting a code block with this code. The editor says "script disabled." I've logged out, viewed in other browsers, etc., and the widget doesn't show up. any ideas? <!--Begin CTCT Archive--> <script id="archiveScript" src="//static.ctctcdn.com/js/archive-static/current/archive-static.min.js"></script> <div id="archiveList" data-archive-count="25" data-m="a07e5huq0cl0"></div> <!--End CTCT Archive-->
  2. This is certainly increasingly an issue. I want to create a static link (i.e., www.domain.com/current), and to replace the files served from that page so that when sharing links, the actual URL never changes.
  3. Thank you. However, that's not what we're trying to do. The block on the right would be a static list of external forms (jotform). The goal is to serve that list (html) in the block and serving various squarespace pages, each of which contains that same block.
  4. Site URL: https://www.smifsc.com/contact Not entirely sure how to properly phrase this question.... I have a list of links I want to embed on a page. In this case, a list of online forms (we use jotform). On the left side of the page is a given form. On the right side I want the list of forms. My goal was to create a page with these links (i.e., a linked list) that could be updated in one place and served in a block next to each of the other form pages. Can see embed block (right top) doesn't work as it is just a URL. The block below that is a markdown block, but would have t
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