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  1. Hi, I changed it back to be in the middle so that it doesn't get cut off. When you click from the regular menu to the shop menu, the shop menu starts slightly down from the main nav menu and the font size is different. Wondering how to fix that so that it matches exactly (line height, font size, margin from top, etc). Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi, No it still doesn't work! See screenshot below. (on the actual site I switched back to aligning it "middle" so it doesn't get cut off) Ideally we would want it to match the look of our main navigation of the site...any idea what css I would use to make them match?
  3. Site URL: https://www.petersom.com/shop Hi, We are using a portfolio section/page for the /shop (https://www.petersom.com/shop) section of our website. But, when we click the hamburger to bring up the dropdown menu, the top part of it is cut off by the header. This only happens on mobile. Any idea why this would be happening? I've looked through the header menu options and adjusted the portfolio header as well. We must keep the position of the portfolio menu as "top" and not change to middle because we want it to mimic the main nav. Thanks for your help! Ben
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