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  1. This is awesome @creedon. I've installed it and it works great for renaming the items on the account settings panel. Is it possible to remove the digital product name and the "view" button entirely, just leaving the panel and the "account settings" button? I'm trying to find the correct identifier for this area.
  2. the QTY and add to cart now resize at different rates than the the top two since I made this change. I had coded them to be the same size with percentages initially.
  3. You are amazing thank you so much! One last thing. When I added that, then my qty input box that I coded to be 50% to match the width of the other two inputs and my "add to cart" button now are slightly off when I change screen size... (at full screen they are in alignment), they are not responding exactly like the first to inputs. I tried making all the boxes the same size by using percentages but that didn't work for the add to cart. It only responds to em or px? I tried making add to cart button is 30em and the others are 22em, but then they don't respond at all of course when I change window size. Anyway to get the add to cart and the QTY input to respond like the first two variants?
  4. I need to remove or edit this "digital product" panel as it shows a weird thumbnail and looks very unprofessional. I have seen a few workarounds but none of them have worked on my site. The first is a redirect when someone clicks "login" in their welcome email it takes them to this hideous panel and does not go to my members homepage... I found a code for this but it does not work for me for some reason. (https://www.minimist.ca/articles/redirect-members-after-login-to-squarespace-member-areas) I also found code to customize with css some items in this panel, but again, did not work for me. https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/tree/main/v7.1/Customer Account Panel Change#customer-account-panel-change Anyway to hide this panel entirely? I built this entire member site and I had no idea this panel existed until doing my first membership test... If I can't find a way to hide this then I can't use the whole site I built. I cannot have this on my client's website as it is very confusing for customers. Any ways to edit this or remove?
  5. this works great thank you so much! any way to get the three line image to the left of the product variation dropdowns?
  6. I removed it since it didn't work, for the text underneath I tried this first: .ProductItem-gallery-thumbnails:after { content: "test"; font-size: 14px !important; } This put the text in the same line as the thumbnails, I could not find the correct identifier to get it to be underneath the entire container. Then I tired a code you wrote elsewhere on squarespace, tweaked it a bit, and added the text as an image block. I suppose this might work for an image next my option dropdowns as well? But even with changing the padding I cannot seem to get the image to be closer underneath the thumbnails. This is the code: <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('section.ProductItem-additional .image-block').insertAfter('.ProductItem-gallery-thumbnails'); }); </script> <style> .ProductItem-gallery-slides { overflow: visible !important; } .ProductItem-gallery { overflow: visible !important; flex-wrap: wrap; } .ProductItem-gallery .image-block { width: 100% !important; flex: 1 1 100% !important; } .ProductItem-gallery .image-block.has-aspect-ratio { padding-bottom: 40% !important; } </style>
  7. https://goldfish-gazelle-bac3.squarespace.com/cphstore/p/cphexclusive
  8. I need to add a PNG image to the left of my dropdowns on my product page and a bit of text directly underneath my photo gallery but my code is not working for some reason. I cannot use the additional description text because the text needs to be directly under the photos. I've already used the additional description text. Photo attached of what it should look like, I've already coded the rest with CSS. password is DISTILLE
  9. You are right. I was on my old laptop which cannot be trusted. On my desktop it works great. Thanks so much. Will keep you in mind for some future work I may need, I see you've for got your contact info on there.
  10. although for some reason the first arrow still does not click to the next section when the site is full screen, I do not know why.
  11. I need arrows on 3 sections on the homepage (including the first) and they all click to the next section. Nothing complicated. I have tried adding a code block to each section with code instead of in page header, but still doesn't work. I'm assuming it is because the code says ':first-child' . Each section here, including the first, should have an arrow clicking to the next section after it. For some reason the code isn't working to make the arrow jump to the next section when I view the page in a browser, only seems to work in the Squarespace workspace? https://goldfish-gazelle-bac3.squarespace.com/ password: DISTILLE
  12. Hi, I want to add this same arrow to several of the sections on my page. I have experimented with adding a code block directly into the sections and using "nth child" but for some reason this then makes them all go to the same section instead of simply the next section. Anyway to amend this code so it can be used in several sections on the same page, each going to the next section?
  13. https://hawk-cheetah-42a2.squarespace.com/ password is PEACH the problem occurs on the shop page. thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://hawk-cheetah-42a2.squarespace.com In my shop, the category links I have on the main shop page is not responsive to mobile. Half the links go missing. You can see here the difference. I don't see any place to fix that.
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