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    HariSingh reacted to JRBrick in New site - feed back please   
    Wow. Beautiful. I think it's just about perfect. ūüôā
    fyi - you have an extra space after your name in paragraph below.

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    HariSingh reacted to WardDesign in New site - feed back please   
    @HariSingh Great start!!  I'd consider making your banner page full screen - let your images speak for themselves with the text as an afterthought (whereas now your text commands more attention).  Also, consider making "Contact" a button on your navigation to make it a stronger CTA.
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    HariSingh reacted to TheUnapologeticTraveler in New site - feed back please   
    @HariSingh I looked at your website, and here's my feedback:
    What I Liked
    I like that your blog has content that is directly related to your clients.  Having testimonials is a great idea. What Could be Better
    I'd suggest, you only show your strongest images on the landing page. Less is more.  Add your bio. An 'About' page. You can also insert words like "Medicine Hat photographer" "Alberta photographer" in your bio (in a clever way) to help you attract your local commercial clients who are searching for photographers in your area. Add your phone number on the "Contact" page. Sometimes brands/businesses have urgent needs, if there's a number available, you'll have a better chance of landing that job. What I Didn't Like
    The watermarks on the photographs in your portfolio. Gives out the wrong impression. As a brand executive, I might think, what's he afraid of? That I'll steal his photos.  Hope this helps. 
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    HariSingh reacted to creedon in Blog post dates   
    Go to Blog Post Settings > Content > Status > PUBLISHED. There is a calendar at the bottom.
    Let us know how it goes.
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