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  1. Hello Paul Thank you for your help. I have now add the code (from your site for vers. squarespace 7,0) I have then at product name Matcha Sencha used the | between the two words and you can see the link here https://www.denfransketehandel.dk/alle-te Regarding JavaScript - is there a code I shall use to make it work? some kind a JavaScript code that must be add to Code Injection??
  2. Hello Paul. Im using a template called "Bedford" - is there a problem in that. And Squarespace 7,0 Im not sure I understand how to work with Javascript.... but is it correct to copy your code and add it in following way Settings - advanced - code injection - Footer (in here I insert the code) and then in my product name i can use the “|” between to words i want to separate?
  3. It worked almost 🙂 My product name are Long Jing Imperial - I would like to have a line break between so it look like this Long Jing (first line) Imperial (in the next line). When i add the |.... it show the | on the product page. Perhaps im doing something wrong?? Now it say Long Jing (first line) |imperial| (next line)
  4. Site URL: https://www.denfransketehandel.dk/alle-te Is there a way to "split" make a Line Break in the Product Name?? When im adding a new product to my site, I would like to have the possibility to make a Line Break in the product name. Is there a CSS code for doing this?
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