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  1. Site URL: https://www.saintsaviour.org Hi all, I would like to test possible redesigns of my site header - changing the logo, creating a secondary nav bar, playing around with adding an image background, trying out code I've picked up from seeing how others have designed their site headers. When I've tried to play around/experiment with the site header on a hidden page or a copied page, the site-wide header changes, too. I get why that is, the site header is global. Still, Is there a way to experiment (perhaps over several weeks) with/change my main site header without having those changes go into effect until I'm satisfied with them? Apologies if this has been asked and answered. Pers
  2. Site URL: https://www.saintsaviour.org/ This is an ongoing event that lasts until Feb. 13; it started Jan 20. I'd like to hide the Jane 20 white icon. OR, alternately include the end date, as it does on the Events page. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.saintsaviour.org/ In the Events Summary Block on Homepage: www.saintsaviour.org. is the event "Valentine's Day Cards Needed." The thumbnail image lists the date the event "started" as Jan 20. As the text underneath indicates, the event is ongoing until Feb. 13. On the Events page www.saintsaviour.org/events -- the thumbnail image does include the event's end date. I've been asked if I could hide the date in the thumbnail for that one event, or, alternately, have it include the end date. The person running the event worries that people will see Jan. 20th and assume the event is over. People don't read 'the fine print.' From rummaging around the Squarespace forums, I see that this might entail selecting the event ID? Any suggestions? Thanks, by the way, for all the help we receive on this forum. Laura
  4. Hi Tuanphan, I used the above code to limit the amount of material the square space search engine pulls. However, Is there a way to have the search function on Squarespace exclude blog posts by date parameters? I don't want people searching for, say, "Giving," and finding blog posts from 2 years ago. The blog post on my site "News from the Congregation" are weekly newsletters. Each Newsletter title. includes the date published. Is there a way to add code to the search parameters so as to exclude blog posts published before x date. website: www.saintsaviour.org search bar in footer
  5. YES!! I did work!! I stand corrected, but it took about 2 hours to process. Interesting.
  6. Dear All, I followed creedon's specs to get two header buttons in my nav bar. It worked brilliantly. However, I've been asked to change the "Give" button to another color. The website is: www.saintsaviour.org. Here is the color I'd like it to be changed to: hsl(196, 50%, 47%). I don't know if this is relevant, but that blue color is defined as "light" in the 3 color palette on my site. It's the Middle color. Also, the "Give button" doesn't appear on the mobile menu?
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