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  1. I realized you can drag the variants. Not the quickest but it worked for what I needed.
  2. Thank you Paul! Simple workaround! I tried to use an honor system for free shipping on certain products listed on my site but that didn't work. Thank you!!!!
  3. Site URL: http://www.reikiroses.com Is there a way to change the sort order of a product variation from the dropdown menu of a product? Right now, it appears that it is sorted on the SKU or the order the variation was added. I would like to sort those items by alpha, by a new column I created called Colors. Example: Product=Shirt Product Variants: Colors=Red, Orange, Blue. Sort on new column created called 'Colors", in alpha order. Thank you, Dacier Brine Template, 7.0
  4. I need this too! I contacted customer support and was told the following: At this time it isn't possible to generate a payable invoice with our platform tools. However, as part of our efforts to continue to innovate and update our product, I will gladly pass this on to our Development team as a feature request. This is a popular feature request among merchants who use Squarespace. While we can't guarantee implementation, this is an important part of how we continue to improve our platform, so we appreciate your input. eCommerce is changing, especially with Instagram Live sales. Being
  5. Hi, I'm not a coder but I managed to fix my issue by combining snippets I found on the forum. The second snippet is what changed the font on the dropdown. I use the Brine template if that helps. #productDetails .product-variants .variant-option select { font-family: Montserrat !important; } /* Variant dropdown size */ .ProductItem-details .variant-option select option { font-size: 12px; font-family: Montserrat; }
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