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  1. @tuanphan Let me know if I laid this out correctly! Or if I whiffed on it
  2. Does this work? Or do I need to remove all text without a hyperlink or lay it out a certain way?
  3. Hey @tuanphan Did I get the page set up the way you need it?
  4. The client is looking for a minimal look (I know right) so left menu - logo - right menu would be great. I can just drop the social in the footer or on the home page.
  5. Strange! I had changed it and guess it didn't save. Header is set up Left Menu - Logo
  6. That would be fantastic! The URL is http://www.bellainspired.co password is bella Thank you so much! She will be thrilled!
  7. Thank you for the help! I am communicating with the client now about this change. Disappointed I can't just swap out templates like in 7.0 How can I utilize your skills to help with my client if they want to pursue this change?
  8. Site URL: http://www.bellasinpired.co I am working with a client who has it in their heads that they want their logo centered and the links in the header to be on opposite sides of the banner. I built this site in 7.1 and obviously do not have the option now to convert to a template that can achieve this. I'm not sure what to do? I've seen in the forums that you can insert code to do it but sadly am not sure where to start. Any ideas of what I can do? See below for Bella's (my client) header vs the header she wants. Feel free to look at the site as well http://www.bellainspired.co
  9. @tuanphan I also am trying to achieve this for a client. Very little CSS and Java experience but comfortable copy and pasting a code. Website is www.bellainspired.co and password is bella
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