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  1. I have some short-term programs that clients will be required to pay in full for up front so I made these Packages. I also have some longer-term programs that I would like to be able to allow clients to pay over time or at least break the payment in two. 1). If I set the the longer-term programs up as an Acuity "Package", it seems the only choice for multiple payments is to require a deposit. So if I require 50% up front, when and how does the other 50% get paid? 2) If I set up the longer-term programs up as an Acuity "Subscription", it looks like I can choose "monthly" billing as an option. Am I reading right that Paypal does not allow this, only Stripe and Square?
  2. I am thinking of setting up a Stripe account and linking it to Acuity for ease of taking payments. BUT, I have a question no one can seem to answer for me. According to Stripe's site, there is an Annual SAS Audit Questionnaire that needs to be filled out. It is not clear if that questionnaire is filled out by me, the website owner, or by Squarespace which owns Acuity since they are the ones controlling the back end. I have and will not have any custom coding on my site. If it is ME that has to fill out this quetionnaire I don't see how that is possible, because it asks all kinds of questions about how the cardholder data is encrypted and protected, etc. I don't see any of the cardholder data. All of that is handled by Acuity when the client books the appointment. I contact Stripe Sales well over a week ago, and someone emailed me for information on my business and then never got back to me. I contacted her again yesterday and she said she was swamped and passed my question on to someone else. It's kind of clear that she didn't want to deal with a start-up business with no revenue yet. I need to get something in place in order to be able to take client payments. But don't want to set up Stripe until I know what I am getting into. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  3. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I cannot figure out how to create blocks for services. All I want is 3 blocks across, the same size, a white background in the block itself or a color, it doesn't matter, that I can type in (black text). I cannot find anything on the layout pages and have tried image blocks, poster blocks and stacked blocks, but these all require an image and I do not want an image, just the white block with text in it. Can anyone help? I am using version 7.1.
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