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  1. update - so this worked: .sqs-block-image-figure:nth-of-type(1) .image-subtitle p:nth-of-type(2) a:hover { color: #309166; } but only for the "sweetery" link you have highlighted here...not the other links in the image block. Any thoughts?
  2. Still no! It's so strange - I can't figure out the code for that block. They call it an "image block:card"
  3. Thanks! here is an example: https://www.jordanakozy.com/bumble-airstream I'm trying to get the image block text to adjust - specifically the link here "SWEETERY" I want that link to perform the same as the other links in the body content of the page
  4. Site URL: http://jordanakozy.com Hello! I'm trying to stylize the hover on hyperlinks in different blocks (text, image blocks etc.) They all have different native styles. I used: h3 a:hover,{color: #309166} for headers and it worked. Does anyone know code for normal text and for image block text?
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