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  1. Has anyone found a solution on this? I've tried @thaitandem's solution and it didn't work. The fact that there isn't even an option to choose whether the header overlaps the banner/image in the first section drives me crazy. And I've noticed all the templates do the same thing
  2. Thanks! it works on mobile! But it doesn't reflect in the full web browser, how could I edit the css to do reference the full browser? or only affect the browser version?
  3. Thanks so much!! would you know how to push the banner down or add spacing so that the header is not overlapping or cropping my banner?
  4. Ah thanks! @tuanphan didn't know that https://dog-lynx-5asp.squarespace.com/ password: thanks
  5. Hi everyone i'm new here with no experience of css. I'm having a similar issue with most people, I'm using the Kester template and I'm on trial for 14 days. My portfolio is currently in private mode 1) my header is overlapping my banner image. I used a headline block but the results are the same if i use an image block. I want my banner to sit flush under the header but nothing is helping me do that. 2) I'd like my banner to display the full image on mobile but it's resizing all weird. Appreciate any help I can get thanks!
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