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  1. You're right. My bad. They stack once I get out of edit mode.
  2. Just put the password back on, same as last time. One more thing, the second button doesn't appear in the mobile version? How would I fix this? Thanks again!
  3. Hey @creedon Thanks so much for your help. Sorry for the delayed response. Would you know how I can make buttons stacked rather than side by side? Thanks again
  4. Site URL: https://bison-gazelle-kyzl.squarespace.com/ Hi, Iā€™m hoping to get some help in adding a second button in my header right underneath the existing one in the same style? The theme only allows for one button šŸ˜•
  5. I'm looking for a solution for this too!!! My site is still currently being built though, how do I give you access? Looking to add a second button under the Book an Appointment Button. Thank you! Any help would be appreciated.
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