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  1. Our business allows customers to buy a service for a specific date, but we have limited staff to perform the service. This typically isn't an issue unless a customer buys for a particularly busy day, but we don't want to run into a problem where a customer buys and we are unable to fulfill their order. Is there a way to delay charging of their card until we can confirm availability? That way we don't have to worry about issuing a refund or anything like that. We use Stripe for payment processing, if that helps!
  2. I'm trying to troubleshoot some speed issues on my site and am having trouble understanding how large my pages actually are. Using Pingdom, a page is coming up as 15MB, but using Google dev tools, the "transferred" amount is under 1MB. Squarespace recommends both of these tools to check page size in separate areas of their help guides, so I'm not sure which one is a better representation of the actual size. Thanks!
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