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  1. hi tuaphan, thanks for replying to many of my questions. i cannot share my site just yet, but the template i am using is alameda, if that helps. do yiu have any idea how it might be fixed? thank you so much!! 🙂
  2. hey tuaphan! thanks for you kind response. the template i am using is alameda. (sorry i cannot share my site just yet, still wip and trail version/not live yet!) thankyou for understanding, and i would really appreciate any help. perhaps it is something that can be done with css? let me know and thanks again! 🙂 :):)
  3. hi leopold, thanks so much for your reply 🙂 im on a trial version and i'd also prefer not to share just yet if that's ok. i wonder if there is code you can put just on that specific product page so no price shows for just that item only both on the product page and on the page which shows all the products too? thank you kindly and much appreciated!
  4. hello tuanphan! oh i am on a trail version and can't share just yet im afraid. i'm using version 7.1 ... is there any way to do this to assing "you might like this" to pull from a different text style instead of the default perahps.... e.g. .smaller type set like H2.... using css perhaps? thank you kindly!
  5. hi friends, i have a link directing to an anchor point another page. but it seems the only way i can create the anchor point is to add a code block (which creates more space) above the text section i actually want it to appear? is there anyway to put the anchor div info around the already existing text title or near there without adding more white space or adding anything else unecessary? using a simple bit of code like this - but its adding a whole white row of blank space if i use "add code" <div id="shippingparagraph"></div> thanks for any tips!
  6. hi there! wondered if someone could help. i have one product that is not for sale but i wanted to include it just for show alongside my other products. is there a way to not show the price, and have the label "Not for sale"... instead of limited availability etc. maybe it could be activated if quantity is set to a specific number perhaps? (just an idea) any help appreciated - thanks!
  7. hi friends, wondering if someone can help - i'm working with an image gallery slideshow - but i was hoping to add a button that is displayed in the corner for the whole time. this button can link out to the same page regardless of image shown behind it. any tips on how to do this please? thanks for any help. image reference of what i would like to do below:
  8. hey friends, new to squarespace and building my first store 🙂 anyone know how to change the font size of the related items title? it currently pulls from global settings of H3..... but ideally it would pull from globall setting of h2. any idea where i can tweak that? (if it tweaks the other section titles, that's fine too, they are all a bit too big! thanks for any help!
  9. hey there, recently signed up to try out making a simple, good looking store. having some real trouble with *i think* simple things. wondered if anyone could be so kind as to help? general "see all products page" looks good.... but 1. why is there so much empty space above and below on product info pages? as far as i know there is no spacer box. i have breadcrumbs set to off. i've tried noodling the image padding settings but just cant understand why there is such a big gap between the product info and site title, and product info and footer as well. any thoughts?
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