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  1. Site URL: http://finn1pt.squarespace.com Hello, I think I know the answer to this one but I am going to try anyway. I have added the custom form to all of my products (with various text boxes, drop downs, radio etc..). Is it possible for a to customer to change this information after the product is bought and re-send the form? Alternatively, do anyone know of a third-party that offer this solution? Where the customer for example can log into a page, the form prompts with all the information he entered when the customer bought the product , so the customer are able to just edit what
  2. I have the same issue as above. On top of my footer I have two links ("prisliste" and "personvernerklæring"). They are correct in desktop view (side-by-side) but in the mobile view they appear stacked upon each other. I tried to get the above code to work on my site, but I wasn't able to do that. Help please 🙂 finn1pt.squarespace.com (password: access)
  3. Thanks for reminding me, it was Friday night and I kept on playing with the footer and couldn't make up my mind so I just left. I am fixing this now 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://finn1pt.squarespace.com Hello! I'm looking for a way to edit the navigation-link on my product pages. Instead of "Tre annonser > Om abonnementet" I would like it to say "Tilbake" and direct to another address . The product is found on: finn1pt.squarespace.com/treannonser/p/rlig-abonnement-1 (password: access). Is it possible to edit the in-built navigation links?
  5. Thanks! Good to know, I will look into the datepicker more closely.
  6. Ok, thanks! That was what I was worried about.
  7. This was the original code I used, but using this code the text (title and tags) under disappears. I just realised, the text only disappears on iOS.. This is how it looks on iPhone:
  8. I haven't found out of this yet. I thought it was just to change the data-form-id, which is the only part of the code I understand 😄
  9. Hi, I have not solved this. I want the gap between element 1 and 3 three to be smaler. The first picure is how it is now, and the second picture is how I want it to be.
  10. Thanks Creedon! that worked perfectly! I also have 3 different forms (the first part of the forms are identical) that prompts when you hit the "add to cart" button. I copied the code into the product page (Page Header Code Injection) and changed the data-form-id (the only part of the above code I do actually understand) . I wasn't able to edit it to work on the product page forms. Is it possible to make the script work at the product forms as well? I have added the productpages and their data-form-id's below. -finn1pt.squarespace.com/betalingsside/p/d2fjnb9tfbqqpr2jdaavgkataw0noa (data-f
  11. Site URL: http://finn1pt.squarespace.com Hi, I am building a site in Norwegian. Now I am stuck with language issues. Most parts I can edit or use CSS to hide text and new text. When I started on the commerce part, it is a different story. The customer e-mail that are sent to customers appears now in 50/50 in English and Norwegian. I've talked to support and there aren't any fix for this now. Are there any third-party vendors that integrates with squarespace that offers a customisable commerce section? Or any other experiences with language issues?
  12. Hi, sorry I forgot about that.. I've added two more items now.
  13. Sorry, I didn't test this thoroughly enough first and I didn't notice the tabbing-order is as the old arrangement, i.e when you are on the date field and and hit the TAB-key to enter the next field it goes straight to the year-field. Is it possible to change the tabbing-order as well as the visual order. Fortunately it's no problem on phones or tablets.
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