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  1. Hi @tuanphan, This is where i am having problems, https://www.missycurry.co.uk/shop/p/portscatho-harbour the thumbnails are down the sides and on a mobile view you can't see them.. I have bought the plug in but don't think i have set it up right either! 😞
  2. Site URL: https://missycurry.co.uk Hi, Hoping someone can help me.. I want to link a page 'commissions' from the header menu which links directly to content that sits within my 'gallery' page. Have attached an image to try and explain what i mean.. or do i have to recreate that page again? 🙂😞 Thanks in advance
  3. ahhh... someone else has just pointed this out to me.. https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/product-image-rollover it's a plug in that you have to pay for to make it work 😞 Unless someone has a better cheaper solution....
  4. I too am suffering from this problem, have tried codes etc doesn't seem to be working.. perhaps it is the 7.1 version that is hindering it?
  5. Found this thread as i am suffering the same issue... was hoping there might be a solution by now... 😞 Anyone had any joy with it yet?
  6. i have this too, went to status and looks like there is a problem
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