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  1. I did. Using a couple of snippets I got from you and tweaking a bit to override the built-in header styling. Thanks!
  2. Having a related/similar issue. The header bg is supposed to switch color to the first section's theme when scrolling, but it stays transparent. Wasn't like this Friday afternoon, so I would assume something has happened on Squarespace's end sometime since then? https://www.nonstoptimeless.com/katalog
  3. @rwp This works great for me, big thanks. New to jquery though, how do I use CSS to style it? Very thankful for any pointers!
  4. Tried it, still not transparent. Also tried removing the "!important", however that just took it back to normal, including the defeault header background on pages with another theme. I might just add an additional section on all pages, even when it would look better without one. I'm very thankful for your efforts though!
  5. Thanks, tuanphan. This, however makes it opaque at all times, I would like it to remain transparent when top-scrolled. Any ideas on that?
  6. Site URL: https://www.nonstoptimeless.com/hostens-biopremiarer/p/crash So, the header draws its background color from the theme of the first section of the page. We're using store pages to display our film catalog, and I would like the header to be the same gold color as on all other pages, but I don't want the "products" to have golden backgrounds on their separate pages. So - what css would make the header golden (#bc9d58) sitewide, disregarding what theme each section uses? Still of course transparent when at the top, just as it is now by defeault. Much thankful for any help!
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