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  1. @creedon thank you so so much. The only issue is that, the navigation menu is taking up a lot of the menu space. So Do you think you can make the menu go above the navigation menu like the screen shot below? Thanks!
  2. @creedon The fonts are just as small as needed! I’m very excited for the next step! Thanks!
  3. @tuanphan It looks perfect! But is there any way to make the icon show in the nav on mobile like the shopping bag does? If so that would be great!
  4. @tuanphan Yes! So I can’t figure out how to had buttons or links in the shopping bag page. like for example, when the (Continue shopping link is on the page, the text “your bag is empty.” Goes back to your shopping cart is empty. Continue shopping. Is there any way to add buttons or links on that page like the screenshot above? And do you think you can help fix with the continue shopping link glitch? Thanks!
  5. @creedonThank you! All of those are correct! So to start it off, How can we make the mobile menu font size smaller? Thanks!
  6. @creedon it looks very good and I really like it. But is it possible to have a mobile menu this big, and have a space on the side like the one below? Thanks!
  7. Omg thank you! I will test this tomorrow and I will let you know the results!
  8. Hey, I would really love if someone can help me customize some stuff on my site, so that they have the ability to be light boxed like in the video down below! This would be great if I can get the light box code because I have been searching for it for a very long time! Thanks! IMG_3813.MP4
  9. Oh @creedon thanks! But do you think you can help me? This would be very helpful since no one has on this subject yet.
  10. Hello, I have been wondering how I can make the my page in the first picture, look like the page on the second picture. Thanks!
  11. @tuanphan Are you meaning for you to be an admin on my site so that you can help with the code easier?
  12. @rwp Do you mean my Squarespace page or my actual site page? If you want the Actual site page then here’s the Home Page link.
  13. @rwpI’m not quite understanding sorry if I sound stupid.
  14. @rwp Oh ok! Are you meaning a picture of my page? If so, I took some pics on what it looks like on mine and what o want it to look like.
  15. Hmmmm. I might have to check tomorrow if I have time. But In the mean while tag a member because they would surely help you!
  16. @Lauri Is it cut off when the image is light boxed?
  17. Hello! You wanted me to make a forum to tag you in so I did. @tuanphan, is it possible to make the account text into a svg icon like the picture below? If so please help me if you can. Thanks!
  18. @Lauri do you think you can send pictures of the problem? And send screen shots of something that can help resemble what you are wanting it to look like?
  19. @cstern01 If you want the hamburger menu to be changed into text instead of lines, copy and paste this code I show down below. GO TO DESIGN> CUSTOM CSS> AND COPY AND PASTE THIS CODE THERE> AND THEN CLICK SAVE. Note: You can change the text to what ever you want, you can change the size of the font, and you can change the text color by pasteing in an html color code into the 'color: section". You can find color codes by searching up the html color codes on google. For example the html code for the color black is: #000000 . Let me know if this helps you, or if you need more help please reply back. Thanks! // Mobile Menu Text // .burger-box:after { content: "Menu"; text-align: right; font-size: 16px; color: #FFFFFF; display: block !important; } .burger-box { width: 60px !important; height: 25px !important; } .burger-box div { display: none; } OR // Mobile Menu Text // .burger-box:after { content: "Menu ="; text-align: right; font-size: 16px; color: #FFFFFF; display: block !important; } .burger-box { width: 60px !important; height: 25px !important; } .burger-box div { display: none; }
  20. Are you trying to make the hamburger menu button say “menu” instead of the lines or something else? And what do you mean in the first question, because I think I can help.
  21. Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to have a favorites tab and page on my site using codes like the one I show in the screenshots down below. Thanks!
  22. Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to have a mobile menu slide in on the left side of my site when someone clicks/taps on the hamburger menu button. I have a video down below to show a better example of what I have in mind. If anyone knows how to do this please reply to my message and let me know how to do it. Thanks! IMG_3795.MP4
  23. Here’s a better example to go with the screen shot above ^. IMG_3793.MP4
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