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  1. I do not have Facebook, but if I can’t find any answers, I’ll try this suggestion. Thank you!
  2. Thank you. I have a favicon on my site already, but for some reason it’s not showing in the search results? Why is this happening?
  3. Hey, I have an issue where when I search “inunzi” in the search engine on safari, my forum link shows up with my websites, and that could potentially be distracting/ confusing to my customers, and it may look in professional. But if you don’t think it’s a problem then I’ll keep it there. But if you do think it’s a problem, would you mind to help me, if that wouldn’t bother you? Thanks !🙂
  4. Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to have a drop down menu in the search engine like in the photo below? I would love this, because then it will make my website stand out more, and my customers would find stuff easier and faster. Thank you!🙂
  5. Hey I was wondering if it was possible to change the favicon on my site in the search engines, like how other businesses have it? Like, is it possible to change rhe globe icon, to my logo, like how it is on fort burches site? Thanks!🙂 I put a photo down below to give you a better image of what I mean.
  6. That’s good that you are starting an online store for your site! May I ask to what your confused about, or need help with? Thanks!🙂
  7. Hello! Try and see if this page helps you fix some of the issues you are having. If things are still not working, please let me know 🙂. Thanks! the link:https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/PayPal-Payments-Standard/quot-Things-don-t-appear-to-be-working-at-the-moment-Please-try/td-p/1199481/page/2 Or try this link:https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/ts2067
  8. Hey, I just was wondering on how these shipping options will work out? So for now I’m until I upgrade my plan to the advanced plan/ or I would call it the business+ plan, I was wondering on how customers can track their orders, even when the shipping option isn’t linked to a shipping carrier like ex.FedEX. I was also wondering how I can make this work, because I don’t quite understand the fla rate shipping options yet 😅. So if anyone know anything about shipping, please help me out. Thank you!
  9. I. Awww it’s a delight to see your name in my notifications as well🥺. 2.thanks man, I would love to check your site when your ready as well👍. And I’m glad that it Inspires other entrepreneurs as your are as well 😁. This is a personal site, I built it my self because I think it will be amazing to own a brand. 3.ah nice I may visit Dubai for a trip someday and I might see you. And i did not know that 😅. 4. Yeah, if you have any problems, just remember that you can always contact me 🙂. 5. And yeah, I’m surprised that they haven’t closed this forum convo yet 😂. But I mean I’m not complaining 😅. Kind Regards as well, Ian Snow
  10. Thank you sm! But there’s a problem :(. It’s messing up my pages size, is there a way to fix this ? Thanks 🙂.
  11. 1.Aww thanks man, good luck on yours too! I’m trying to build up a brand, so I hope it works out like I dream it to be🙂. I guess we do have things in common huh? 2.yep I surely will😁 my link is inunzi.com, and aye man mine’s a mess as well because I’m still working on it, so I feel ya man 😂. 3.I’m from the U.S. So stripe works for me here. I have a stripe account as well, but I mostly use my PayPal account because I feel like PayPal would be more than a less of a payment method ( if that makes sence.) I feel like PayPal is probably more popular and that’s why I would use PayPal more. And ooh, you live in Dubai? Do you mind me asking what it’s like there, because It looks like a pretty nice place to visit? 4. I’m feeling a bit chatty as well, no worries in that 🙂👍. And your friend is absolutely correct! If you go to this link on the official PayPal.com page, you can learn more about why you should use a business account instead of a personal. I also found this quote that leads me to the answer to your question “They don't even need a PayPal account and can pay you in up to 25 currencies. ” Man I feel like I’m working for PayPal right now 😅. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure on what you mean by did I set this up? Are you meaning my website or the setting on my PayPal account? I hope we both make it big and stay safe as well 😁, Ian Snow
  12. Ah I use 7.1. I’m sorry, but I’m sure someone else is an expert with 7.0. But anyways thanks for replying and have a good day, and good luck with help🙂.
  13. Yes! I found this article online, and I would hope that it works in your favor. I haven’t tried to add this on my site yet, so I’m not sure about the results at the moment, but it’s worth a try. Here is the url:https://henryegloff.com/how-to-code-a-simple-dark-mode-toggle/ Let me know if it works for you. thank you!🙂
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