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  1. thx Leopold - I can't access either of those links at the moment... Also FYI i think to be precise, what i need is a image block, card design, within a slider.
  2. I'm stuck on the same thing i believe. An example of a slider with text on one side and an image on the other is here: https://www.realtymogul.com/. 3rd or 4th section down starting "OBJECTIVE..." Is this what you trying to do?
  3. i don't think there's a layout for this that shows image on left and text on right.... The text is more a caption underneath the image.
  4. hi all, I'm using 7.1 and I need to create a slider (gallery section) that's contents is two blocks in each slide: an image and text, side by side. Each time the user moves to the next slide, it shows new a new text block and image, side by side. I've seen lots of request for overlays but not a slider containing two elements. is this possible? thanks!
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