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  1. Site URL: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/infancy-through-middle-childhood Would love if someone could help me with this problem I am having. I styled my bullet points to be pink squares on this site. It is showing up correctly on desktop, but when I view in mobile (iphone) it is displaying them in black. Not sure why this is happening. The bullet points on mobile should look like the image attached. Here is a page where this is happening: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/infancy-through-middle-childhood Does anyone know of a fix for this? Any help would be great! Thanks, Gisela
  2. Site URL: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/about How do I change the height of this banner section in tablet? The height is way too big when it shows up in tablet. https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/about I am having trouble with many sections of my site having much more white space on the top and bottom in tablet than on desktop. What class should I target to change the height or width of a particular section in tablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Sure. Here are two pages. This one has some bubble bullet points: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/how-to-help This one has a bunch of regular bullet points with some markup bullet points as well: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/childhood-adolescence-adult I've been able to add to style the bullet points differently, but I am wondering what code is best practice. Especially for styling all of the ones in the text editor universally. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi, I was wondering what is the best way to style bullet points made in the text editor in SS 7.1 using custom CSS? Also, what is the best way to style <li>s that are written in markup code? And how do I differentiate both? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for this fix! It was driving me crazy too and I wasn't sure if the cropping of the image because of the header was just happening to me. It's very frustrating and was taking me so much time to figure out. Glad I found a solution for now here! Hopefully the Development Team will create the option to not have the header overlap some of the image in the future.
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