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  1. Thanks for the replies @derricksrandomviews & @ArtByPino I set up Google Analytics urgently when Square Space wasn't working. It was easy to do and worked immediately. Pino: Yes, Google Analytics is reporting traffic but SquareSpace shows NONE! Is this normal for SqureSpace? Does it affect others? I was told it would be fixed soon but as you can see from the images it's not. Really I'd like to know if SquareSapce analytics is valuable. It's frustrating that it's not working but if it's super basic then I suppose I can live without the service that we are paying for! Thanks.
  2. Almost 3 weeks later and Squarespace analytics are still not working. If anyone from the Squarespace team could provide an update it would be much appreciated. I'm starting to suspect that nobody from support actually reads the forums.
  3. Hello. Is analytics down for all users us just us. Can anyone tell me? This is very frustrating.
  4. Hello Squarespacers, We're new to Squarespace - just started using it for our company's website. We don't do online sales so it's just for info, news, etc. We started the trial 23rd July, and signed up (paid) on the 12th August. Analytics only shows 3 visits which were on Aug 13th (see attached). I set up Google Analytics on Sep 2nd and can see we're getting >100 pageviews per day. When I contacted support they replied "I can confirm this is just to an issue on our end with the data not being currently shown in the traffic panel in the analytics panel. Thank you for reporting this behavior. I have reported your issue with our Design and Engineering teams for review, and they’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future releases. Please keep in mind that there are many moving parts we need to address before any changes are made, and we can't guarantee changes to this behavior in the immediate future. That said, all feedback is reviewed and your continued input is always encouraged. There is an issue that is preventing the data from being shown, which our engineering team are working on as we speak. I can not give a certain time frame, but they are working on it to have a fix in place as soon as possible, as we understand the urgency for our users." Are other experiencing this problem? Is it broken for everyone? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Ian
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