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  1. Hi, I have rebranded my business and have a new URL with new content. When I do a 301 redirect from my old URL I want a pop up message telling customers they have been redirected to new site (eg: This is our new page, formerly....) It would be great if it were a one time pop up when someone first lands on the page from the old URL. I know it can be done but not sure how?? Thanks, David
  2. Hello, I am seeking code to stop the title on my landing page displaying as broken up words (part of the work on one line then the other part on next line). I have read other articles about adding a line break to site title but I'm not sure if this is what is required and the code provided was a bit confusing. I am very much a newbie regarding code. Please refer to attached screenshot. I haven't provided the URL as it unpublished at this stage. Any help greatly appreciated
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