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  1. Hi Steve, I emailed support about the same issue, and the short answer is that it's not possible. I'll include the pertinent text below, in chronological order:

    Me: Hi,

    I'm working on xyz.com. I am listing theater productions, and multiple performances (at different times) need to go in the same event. Since there isn't a way to enter multiple times, is there a way for it not to show the times? (Or better yet, not even the dates)? I can't find a way to unselect the times.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    SS:Hi there,

    Happy to help here! There is currently no default feature available to do this in the Squarespace 6 platform, however I will submit a feature request for you to our developers so we can explore possible solutions for this. I apologize for any inconveniences here.

    In the meantime, you are able to select what information is visible within your events page here in your Style Editor:


    We have a great guide for making Style changes here:


    Does this help? Please let us know if you have any more questions. We are always happy to help!


    Thanks for submitting to the developers. I know how to show certain aspects of the event in style editor, but if you look you'll see that doesn't address the question I asked.

    SS: Hey,

    I apologize if there was any confusion.

    As Justin stated, we aren't really able to offer this as a feature right now. Another option you have is to use something like Google Calendar within your site. You can embed the code for this within a Code Block and it may help you achieve your goal depending on their features. You can take a look at their site here:


    We also have a guide for using our Code Block here:


    Let us know if you have any other questions -- thanks!

    ME:Thanks for this google option! To clarify, I understood Justin's reply--that's why I thanked him for passing it along to the developers. :) I was just confused as to why he then offered the info below, when it was already apparent that what I needed wasn't an option.

    Thanks again!

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