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  1. Hi Tuan that is fantastic thank you! The code worked and updated the 'Back to All Events' text, thanks so much for your help! I am hoping to now replace the link for that text and link that text to a different url (this URL (which is the overview of all events) https://www.craft.org.au/craftcontemporaryprogramming) i.e replace the link for the 'Back to Craft Contemporary Hub' text
  2. Hi tuanphan, sure! Here is a link https://www.craft.org.au/craft-contemporary-events/from-idea-to-reality I would like to customise 'Back To All Events' text and URL that is displayed in the top left hand corner below the logo if that is possible. Thanks so much! 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://www.craft.org.au/craftcontemporaryprogramming Hi Squarespace community! I am hoping someone can please assist with some code to inject into an event list (not site wide, just an event list) that allows you to customise the URL and display text (<-- Back to All Events) thanks so much!
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