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  1. @IXStudio this is how my page looks when I add that code.
  2. Thanks for trying this but it's still not working. I appreciate the help though.
  3. ok, I just need to target specific section on certain index pages. I don't want to disable parallax on all pages.
  4. do i enter the page id anywhere? will this code apply to all index pages?
  5. ok just tried this and it's still not working...maybe i'm using the wrong code. This is what I have entered...and its for my gallery page. https.ellafriberg.com/gallery [data-parallax-id="5f4d20aef1e66322e30a7c80" ] figure { transform: none !important; top: 0 !important; bottom: 0 !important; will-change: auto !important; }
  6. I've tried these and it looks like it works initially, but as soon as the page is refreshed the parallax continues. Any tips on this? I have the advanced commerce plan as well. Thanks!
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