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  1. you'd do it using tags. super easy. I don't have time to break it all down, but google, squarespace product tags, and there will be lots of tutorials. alternately, you can add a product wherever you want on your site. as long as its the same product you created in your store, it will pull from the same item, inventory, etc. you're just pointing at the product from different pages. hope that helps
  2. I think the only way would be to do the setup as if it were a regular store with items (use a collection or however you wanted to categorize it). Create "products" as if you were selling them regular Make dummy prices on everything, like $1. Insert a link or button with "learn more" or whatever you'd like, pointing to your desired link. So temporarily you'll still see the add to cart button and your new link or button. Go into custom CSS and paste in: .product-quantity-input { display: none !important; } .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display
  3. hi there. after much searching, I think I've found out how to tweak just about everything on a checkout page except what I want to do, haha. I'm looking for a way to simply add a note to the checkout page saying, "All packages are sent uninsured with no signature required." Just a simple sentence on the page. Is this something I can do with a script injection? Thank you so much in advance. Appreciate your time. -c
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