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  1. That's it! I knew it was something small and easy to overlook. Thanks!
  2. I'm so confused! If I put the code above into the site-wide Custom CSS panel, it works just fine. But if I put it into the Advanced code pane of a specific page it DOESN'T work. Furthermore, similar (but different) code injecting into the Home page header DOES work but is canceled out if I put conflicting code back into the site-wide panel. I am sure I'm missing something simple but I just can't figure it out.
  3. Found a solution right after I posted /* This section controls the color of links in Excerpts in any Summary layout*/ .summary-excerpt a { color: #2D4977 !important; }
  4. for my client's site, we want to change the color of links in Excerpt text for gold to blue. I have looked at all of the Colors > Section Themes setting and I don't see any options for Links in Summary blocks. Is there a custom CSS code that I can drop in? https://earthworm-mustard-2z3y.squarespace.com/insights#ideas PW: Daisy!
  5. @tuanphan Me too, my original question is not answered. https://earthworm-mustard-2z3y.squarespace.com/ PW: Daisy!
  6. @fatcatdesign I've implemented the offset code above and adjusted for Header height but the first time I click an anchor link in the header, the anchored section goes a few pixels too high. If I click another anchor link for the same page, the section section scrolls to the right place. I don't understand why it's wrong the first time but right on subsequent clicks? Screen Recording 2020-10-20 at 11.35.27 PM.mov
  7. I've searched the Squarespace Help Guide as well as these forums but can't quite find an answer. I have a client that wants to post a link to an external URL and have page title and image automatically displayed, as with shared links on other platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. They don't need the Like/Share/Send features of those platforms but just want to easily drop a link and not have to jump through hoops to get the image and correct title. The closest thing I see possible is Linking a blog post title to another page but that would still require adding and tinkering with an ima
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