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  1. Site URL: https://www.lozidesigns.com I run a furniture business based in London UK and we are slowly making flat-packed versions of all our products for shipping. These boxes are going to vary wildly in weight and size and we are not going to be able to group products together for easier shipping due to the nature of our products. Is there a way to either integrate UPS from the UK or to assign a fixed shipping rate to each individual product variant? Trying to manage this by creating wildly varyng weights is unlikely to work.
  2. Hi Sandra & Paul. Following this topic as we are seeming to have the same issue. We make flatpack furniture and trying to figure out work-arounds when we can't assign specific shipping costs to certain products. Our products are flat packed and each item has to be shipped individually but working around weight is going to be extremely tricky. Would love to have the integrated UPS system but thats seems to only be available in the US. @paul2009 Any ideas how to re-create that from the UK? Are there any third party integrations? Or a way to assign a fixed shipping rate (Domest
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