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  1. Thank you so much, perfect instructions and it's worked. Looks so much better with the heading before the image. Really appreciate your help. 🙏 Belinda
  2. Hi, Thanks so much for this. I do have the Business plan, I have done the 1st code but struggling with the second. I don't have Blog Settings, I do have Blogging but when I click that it only lists posts and comments and doesn't appear to have advance. There is no link here to advanced. Under Advanced there is nothing about blogging. Bit lost sorry. Can you help? Thanks Belinda
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes I would like to consider this as I personally feel the title needs to be at the top, looks like it's missing when you land on the page. What would be the cost for this work please? Thanks Belinda
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. The test blog post is here: https://www.autoimmunerecovery.com/autoimmunity Thanks Belinda
  5. Hi I'm testing my blog posts and the image is showing before the blog title which I don't like. How can I move the title of the blog post to the top and above the image? Thanks Belinda
  6. Hi, I'm very new to SS. I've created a Coming Soon page at first with a newsletter button which linked to the mailerlite newsletter form which seemed like a double up. Then I realised I could add a form on this page, I set that up but it won't show. I'm sorry I'm very lost with this page. Maybe what I'm expecting is not possible. Ideally I'd like the name & email address form on this page so people can sign up to my newsletter and be notified when the site is live. I'm aware SS doesn't link with mailerlite, I do appreciate that's another issue, I just need to understand the form function on this page and why its not showing. TIA Belinda
  7. Hi Leopold Thanks for your reply. I don't have an example, I'd have to search for one. I just need a pop up that appears as soon as someone lands on the website regardless of the page. It just needs to have disclaimer text and a close or x at the top or I could also have an I Agree button at the bottom that closes the pop up. HTH Thanks, Belinda
  8. Hi I need to add a disclaimer pop up on my site as its nutrition & medical based. I found a previous post and used that CSS but it didn't do anything. Googled but have not found any code just paid apps. Can anyone help? Thanks Belinda
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