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  1. I'm working with a nonprofit bakery that has multiple "popup" locations on different days/times throughout the city where customers might pickup items. It seems that SquareSpace does have a notion of a "location" but in checkout there is no way to constrain the selection based on the hours of the location -- and we really don't want people just picking a random date/time that is inconsistent with the selected location. Furthermore, I don't see any way to generate a listing page in SquareSpace that lists all the locations, just to summarize them. I could treat each popup location as an "Event" instead of a "Location", and then it should be easy to have a page listing all the popups, but then the work to customize the checkout experience gets even higher. Furthermore, I guess then the selected location would show up later as a customized checkout field in the Order object, and not among the standard order shipping fields, and that might complicate features such as order confirmation emails. Any suggestions on a direction to take?
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