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  1. Also, this mobile page width issue can be resolved by removing the Wireml carousel code installed in the footer section. Is there a way to tweak the mobile view page width without removing this feature?
  2. Site URL: https://www.balshe-designs.com Hi, I am having problem with my website's mobile view. It seems that the overall width for everything is high and is showing black background when swiped to the left. How can I remove this? Site URL: balshe-designs.com @tuanphan
  3. Hi, My website is password protected now. Would it be ok to send you a private message about this so you can look into it?
  4. Hi Tuan, Is there a way to do this on my product page too so that the image and the options below can be seen together (without scrolling down)? Or it would be good if there is a code where line spacing can be changed on the mobile product page.
  5. Hi, Is there a code to remove all the spacing in mobile site for the product page so that the image and the options below can all be seen together without scrolling down? Your help will be appreciated! Thanks, Shezlie
  6. Hi Paul, I need this apply this for my website too. Would you be able to send me the code to achieve this? Thank you! Shezlie
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