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  1. Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to hide forum questions from google search? Unfortunately, google shows forum questions and images with my website URL at the first search page.... But I can't delete it because it is not my content, right?
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to create a google analytic opt-out (and facebook pixel) with tag manager and Squarespace? The codes we tried did not work. I think because they were php scripts. The ones we used in the google tag manager with html link to sign out did not work either. Is there anyone who has a running opt-out solution?
  3. Site URL: https://www.inneco.de/eco-basic-eco-premium Hi there, how can I make my landing page responsive to different screen sizes? It is quite fine for mobile view and big screens. But it does not look good in between desktop and mobile view. the Logo gets too big or the banner is not full width so it is cut off on the right side (see screen shots). Does anyone know what code I need to show the banner in full width and to avoid the logo (image) getting too big? Thank you for helping!
  4. One more thing: How come there is no code existing in 7.1 adjusting the banner and headings according to the screen size? Now, I have the problem that the banner for tablet (e.g. with resolution 1920 × 1200 px) is not full width but cut off on the right side. Can you give me code for this, too?
  5. I can't because it is embedded, CSS in Sqaurespace deos not change the form. But I embedded the form in JavaScript marked as "html" block. And now it's fine in mobile view. On internet explorer the scrollbar is stillt there. But everything is a mess on internet explorer anyway... no headings, just one font size...
  6. Hi, I want to embed a zoho form on my landing page. Unfortunately, I can't use iframe because in the mobile view the form is cut off. I would like to try it with JavaScript but I can't insert the code in the code block - it appears simply as code (see screenshot). Who knows what to do? This is the code I wand to embed:
  7. Okay, I got help from another forum and found out: The iframe embed is self-contained, so the CSS from your Squarespace site isn’t going to be applied and Zoho doesn’t support adding custom CSS to the form. I added "scrolling="no" to stop the scrolling. But I didn't find a solution to show the form in full height on mobile. It is always cut off. Changing the hight in the iframe to 100% doesn't work. An "aspect ratio box" might be a good work around: https://www.benmarshall.me/responsive-iframes/ But I did not manage to create this box with my Zoho fo
  8. Okay, I found out on stackoverflow that it is not possible. For anyone who faces the sam problem: The iframe embed is self-contained, so the CSS from your Squarespace site isn’t going to be applied. Ideally, what you’d be able to do is add custom CSS to your form provider as well, but unfortunately it looks like Zoho doesn’t support this. There are a lot of questions about it on their support forum, ex: https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/community/topic/how-do-i-change-a-zoho-creator-form-s-styling-with-css You could choose to download the HTML &
  9. Anyone? Also, I think I might need two code one for desktop view and one for mobile view
  10. Site URL: https://www.inneco.de/eco-basic-eco-premium Hello, I am trying to change the font family of my embedded Zoho form to "Futura" or "Futura PT" (if possible), the font family I am using on my website. It is not possible to choose this font in Zoho Forms. I tried this code: But nothing happens. When I change the code in the "inspect" mode, the font changes. So it should be possible in the CSS section as well.
  11. Hello, I embedded a zoho form as iframe. Unfortunately, sometime appears a scrolling bar, especially in the mobile view. I tried to solve this issue by increasing the max. height of the form but it did not work. Hope you can help me how to get rid of the scrolling bar in every view! Thank you!
  12. Awesome! Thanks a lot! 😊 Just one more thing - is it possible to move the headings further left and button further down? This it how it looks right now:
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