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  1. I see, that's probably the reason, I hope! (yes I was looking at it through admin interface, the way it broke and doesn't load...etc. made me wonder if I really should switch to SS) Thank you Creedon.
  2. That worked! Thank you so much Creedon! I do have several other CSS customization on the Custom CSS already. I wonder if it slows down the site because of all that? I already wonder because the rest of my site sometimes can take a while to load, or things get broken. I don't know if that's because I am still in trial, or if once I switch it to be a paid site it will be OK. Thoughts?
  3. OK I figured it out. The pw is HelloKitty135 This is the page: https://flower-chinchilla-4ky7.squarespace.com/shop/bls Again, you have to resize/squash the browser down to a point the image is next to the text to see the wide gap. I'd like to reduce the gap. Thank you so much in advance --
  4. HI Leopold, I don't think I can make it password protected because I am in the trial phase?
  5. Hi Tuanphan, the site in a trial one so I don't know if you can see it? Otherwise it is https://flower-chinchilla-4ky7.squarespace.com/shop/bls I changed things around. But when you squash the browser narrow you'll see the image and text side by side. I want to reduce the gap in between. I tried something like .image-card { padding-left: -15px !important; margin-left:-80px!important; } I think, i deleted it so I don't remember -- while it did eliminate the gigantic gap, but when you resize it to a point the image is above the text, the text is aligned all the way exceeding the image. So it didn't work.
  6. There is a large gap between my images and the text next to it. They are set as image cards. Is there any way I can reduce this padding / distance? And also, how do you set the text to align to top of the image, not the middle? Thanks in advance!
  7. Site URL: http://www.eneri.net I am not a programmer and I have minimal knowledge, so I apologize if I use the terms wrong and causes confusion! I have an existing website, eneri.net, currently hosting with myhosting.com, domain registered and hosted at Network Solutions, and existing email is hosted at G-Suite. I need to move my web hosting over to squarespace, the email also needs to work. I have chatted with the SS customer support and I only got a bunch of links to documentation, they are not very clear on instructing what I need to do and if all this can work. The only thing I learned from the chat was, theoretically it will work. My questions here: - SS recommends that we "transfer" (instead of just "connecting/pointing the domain to the website") the domain hosting completely over to SS. Can someone really explain why ? Do we HAVE TO do that in order to gain access to the MX records, so I change it to point to Google/G-suite? - Will customer service help the migration when the time comes? So far I can only find support via chat and they copy and paste documents that doesn't sooth my concerns. I want to see if MORE technical support is available hidden somewhere. - How long will my email service be interrupted from the time I have to move the domain / transfer the domain, to changing the MX records ? Any smart ways to avoid downtime to a minimal? I care less about my website being down, but email is crucial. - Can someone list out a step by step list on what I need to do for the most seamless migration? Has anyone done this before and care to share the dos and don'ts, tips and tricks? - I don't want to "transfer" my domain hosting from Network Solutions to SS because I worry some years down the line I'll have to move web hosting, and it will be a pain or may not even be possible to get my domain name out. Is my worry valid? - Lastly an unrelated question - do we have to get the $18 business plan in order to use CSS?! Really? Thanks in advance and I hope I will get help here.
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