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  1. Hi Cathy, I am having this as well. Did you ever resolve this? The issue seems to be that Squarespace only wants me to connect to one Instragram account across all the sites I use and if I add another (even if it's to a different site) it seems to disconnect em straight away.
  2. Same here. It would appear that an extension like Trunk can mange it from a back office/inventory point of view, but there is no front end Squarespace option that I can see.
  3. Site URL: https://www.speakeasyathome.co.uk/shop Whilst the Product sales analytics is useful, does any one know if there is a way to tweak it to display product variants, not just the general product? I.e to be able to see what you have sold in different sizes, small large etc. If there is a way of doing this or a work around, I's be very interested to know. Thanks!
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