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  1. Site URL: https://www.hotwireextensions.com Hi! I would like users to be able to drag and drop or save images from the lightbox gallery on my site, but this doesnt seem to be possible... does anyone know if there is a way to change this either in settings or by a custom code? https://www.hotwireextensions.com/hotel-light-01?itemId=v6qwqj5keq04rvpc4edxgnt7xk9o0o Thanks so much!
  2. Hi! I am having the same issue, I would like users to be able to drag and drop the images from my site if they want. Did you have any luck resolving this? Site url: https://www.hotwireextensions.com/native-object-01?itemId=4h44i78drrmnmcl204p1g3d90n80r2-erxks
  3. Hi, was this ever resolved? I am having the same issues when I google my website name only the logo appears in the image search. My images are all also tagged, its very odd www.hotwireextensions.com It would be great to hear if you managed to resolve the issue?
  4. Thanks so much, that's great. Is it possible to get the button to show in between the price and the description? https://www.hotwireextensions.com/shop/p/frame-light
  5. Hi, I am also having issues with this... I would like the buy button to appear underneath the price on my product pages, https://www.hotwireextensions.com/shop/p/natural-random-light Also, does this code go on each individual product page or on the Design > Custom CSS section? Any help much appreciated!
  6. Hi, thanks so much for the above... for some reason this doesn't work for the mobile version of the site, the logo is still linking to the landing page instead of the 'home.' Did I do something wrong? I put the script here, Home / settings / advanced / code injector / footer Thanks so much for your help!
  7. Hi, yes I had some issues with a disappearing logo, but its back again now... https://www.hotwireextensions.com/home I would really like the logo link for the mobile site to go back to the above page Thanks so much!
  8. Hi, This worked well for me on the desktop website thanks so much! Is there a way to change the logo link on the mobile site as well? www.hotwireextensions.com Many thanks for your help!
  9. Site URL: https://www.hotwireextensions.com/home Hi, I would like to make the slideshow images on my home page fill the screen and go behind the header... I have tried searching the forum but cant find a way to do this on Squarespace 7.1. Any help would be hugely appreciated! Site: www.hotwireextensions.com PW: HotWireExt Thanks so much!
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