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  1. Site URL: https://www.morganpolymerseals.com I'm working on a site with Brine (7.0) and experiencing some very strange glitches as I edit. Noting them below: 1) the editor that pops up to make design changes is changing almost daily; this most recent iteration appears to be similar to the 7.1 editor (which brings with it all the 7.1 issues of too-much-clicking and unclear navigability.) It also removes some of the functions of 7.0 summaries -- critically, in this example, lightbox mode. 2) the above-mentioned issue seems also to interfere with some historically wonderful plugins -- like Lazy Summaries, which is installed on this site, but as you can see above, is not appearing as usual 3) the Google Chrome block finder, which has historically been awesome, no longer works. The 'click to copy' feature is now just a dead button. These are among a host of other changes that are messing with my ability to work quickly. All of this means I'm spending more time sorting through the muck, and delivering slower to clients. There's a big long thread about frustration with 7.1 on this forum -- I guess I'll add my frustration with 7.0 that (seems to be) resulting from 7.1 rollout. Are these issues affecting anyone else, and is there any clarity from Squarespace about why these changes are happening?
  2. Answering the first part of my own question - figured it out. It's: @michaeleparkour I still need help figuring out how to then rank the tags by optionsCounters; largest to smallest. Can you help? updateFilterOptions: { showOptionsCounters: true, optionsCounterWrap: '- ()', nonExistOptions: { hide: true, disable: false, disableHard: false, moveBottom: true }, },
  3. Site URL: https://www.davidzipper.com/articles @michaeleparkour thanks for your awesome universal filter plugin. Need some help with advanced use. I'm wondering if there's a way to show the number of items that each tag contains. See the example below - that's what I am hoping to achieve. showItemsCount only shows the total number of items in the entire container. Secondarily, I'd like to rank the tags in order by highest frequency to lowest. So: Safety (6) Federal Policy (5) Cars (3) Climate (2) Bikes (2) ...etc. Thanks for your help.
  4. @tuanphan This is a recent installation. Here's the plugin: https://www.will-myers.com/articles/how-to-add-tabs-in-squarespace-70-71 Installed about a week ago. Puzzler...
  5. Site URL: https://www.thesuccessleague.io I'm building a site for a client on a 7.0 Bedford template (Hayden.) I'm having an issue where clicking the hamburger icon on mobile version of site will not activate the mobile menu. Occasionally, the window will pop up, but then I'm unable to click any of the navigation items. Some research leads me to suspect that it's an issue with some of the HTML blocks I have on the site, or a tabs plugin I have installed. Would appreciate any assistance with this issue!! @tuanphan perhaps this is within your expertise? Thanks! www.thesuccessleague.io
  6. Site URL: https://www.championsmojo.com EDIT: to add that this issue only seems to happen when I use the search function to find a blog post in the blog control panel. I'm updating some blog posts for a podcast website. I get the error message below every time I try to make any updates on the settings window of the individual blog post (adding photo, adding tags, or anything.) Sometimes after hitting 'cancel' and then 'discard' the changes will stick, other times they will not. https://www.championsmojo.com/guests https://www.championsmojo.com/episodes Quick research doesn't yield any previous forum posts on this issue. While I have custom code all over the site I can't imagine any of it would cause this issue. Have I done something to break the blog or is this a Squarespace-end issue? Thanks in advance for any help. James in
  7. Hello - I am unfortunately having a similar issue on an index page in 7.0 brine. tbifundinc.com/about I've tried IDing the section ID and implementing the CSS above but I haven't had success. I know I must be missing something. Can you help? I'd like to see the entire image just sized down for mobile. Thanks for always being so helpful!
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