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  1. Site URL: https://www.championsmojo.com EDIT: to add that this issue only seems to happen when I use the search function to find a blog post in the blog control panel. I'm updating some blog posts for a podcast website. I get the error message below every time I try to make any updates on the settings window of the individual blog post (adding photo, adding tags, or anything.) Sometimes after hitting 'cancel' and then 'discard' the changes will stick, other times they will not. https://www.championsmojo.com/guests https://www.championsmojo.com/episodes Quick research do
  2. Hello - I am unfortunately having a similar issue on an index page in 7.0 brine. tbifundinc.com/about I've tried IDing the section ID and implementing the CSS above but I haven't had success. I know I must be missing something. Can you help? I'd like to see the entire image just sized down for mobile. Thanks for always being so helpful!
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