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  1. If a customer requests a right to erasure then how it it possible for me to delete their info. It makes no sense. I may have to move to Wix.
  2. Yes, I don't see any obvious options to do this. It seems a little strange that I'm not able to delete customer info, especially if it was a customer request.
  3. Thanks for the reply again. That's really strange. Maybe it's not showing because I'm using Edge Chromium. It shows on my phone and on Firefox though. Is it because I'm logged in as the owner maybe?
  4. My site is https://jaydendelroy.com - I still have not been able to make this work. Really appreciate any help, thanks.
  5. Hello guys, Can anyone tell me how to delete customer details and accounts? I made a few test orders with random customer information and I would like to remove the details from my site. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have followed all the required steps to install the Facebook Messenger plug-in directly from facebook. However, when I copy the code to the code injector, the widget does not load. Does anyone know why this would be?
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