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  1. No not yet... do you have any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the information in this string, it's been a huge help. I'm working to customize the print layout and your code has helped. I have 2 additional items I'm struggling with, hopefully you can help. 1 - What is the code to add an image to the print layout? The goal is to add a header image to the page. 2 - I'm using this for a blog post and the main image is split between page 1 and 2. What code can I use to reduce the image size to fit onto the first page? Here is the site I'm working on. www.hayis4horses.com/recipes Thanks so much...
  3. Fantastic, this worked. I was able to add it into the header of the individual pages that I needed it... Thank you so much for helping, I very much appreciate it.
  4. <!-- Title --> <div class=" header-title " data-animation-role="header-element" > <div class="header-title-logo"> <a href="/" data-animation-role="header-element"> <img src="//static1.squarespace.com/static/5f05cf89560a9b7e48055ff7/t/5f05e7f693e8cf378fe0cddf/1598979029138/?format=1500w" alt="Trimco Store" /> </a>
  5. Looking for help with the code, if you have that info that would be great... no need for you to log into the site.
  6. Site URL: https://trimcohardware.online Would like to revisit the code required to change the URL of the logo on my site. I found several old posts that provided some code to add to the Header of the page, however none of them worked. I'm using the latest eCommerce 7.1 template and would like the logo URL to point back to the Shop page. Can anyone help with the latest code that will allow for this? Thanks
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