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  1. One suggestion I would have is regarding your "above the fold" copy. "Above the fold" being what we see as soon as the page loads and there hasn't been any scrolling, "Together We are H20" etc. Make it more benefit focused. What is the problem you're solving, and why would someone use your service over someone else's? E.g. Instead of "Making a splash"... it would be more towards your unique value proposition e.g. "Weekly waste removal that won't break your bank account and you won't even realize we're there" Or something.
  2. Hey Marshall Not sure if you came to a decision. Whenever I work with people, I usually ask, "Are there any websites you've come across that resonated with you?". E.g. colour scheme, the spacing, the "feel" of navigating around the website, etc. That's usually a great starting point, and thinking about, "What specifically do I like about these different websites". If there is no starting point, it's good to look at the "top players" in your industry, others who are leading the way, because their websites are likely "working" for them. In regards to your description, I like the Paloma theme, https://paloma-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=true, not necessarily the colours, but that it's not trying to put too much in-front of you from the start. But ultimately, with 7.1. websites, you can build almost anything. The most important thing will be, "What are you doing trying to achieve with the website". Are you trying to get them to sign up to a mailing list. Or like you said, is the one and only goal to have them buy there and then, etc.
  3. Disclaimer: I don't know Squarespace well enough yet to to give the "good practices" approach, but I'm going to give some thoughts in general on this. This is called localization. And it's actually quite a bit more complex than one realizes. It's usually done using either 1 of these approaches: 1. "Oh this person is from x country, let's show them this completely different translated page" 2. "Oh this person is from y country, let's let our software swap out the text of different sections using a predefined translation file" (this is usually how it's done if you're building a website where you have a lot more control using Django for example). I found this article, https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205809778-Creating-a-multilingual-site-in-Squarespace, it seems like Squarespace leans towards the 1st approach I told you, just building out 2 separate pages and then structuring the pages in a certain way so you get that `/en` , `/fr` etc structure.
  4. In general? You'd need to buy the new domain either through Squarespace, or another domain provider (NameCheap, GoDaddy etc). Buying through Squarespace will be easier for the next steps. Then in the top-level settings for the website, there is as "Domains" section. You would choose the domain there. Hopefully that answered your question?
  5. Could also use the Zapier integration. On form submission, send to Zapier, and from Zapier to Mailerlite.
  6. That was really useful thanks. So there is no automatic credit to your account if you have a remaining annual subscription?
  7. Interesting. So the credit isn't associated to a specific "domain", just to your Squarespace account in general if you paid upfront? And you have to 1st cancel the old site, then you'll be able to carry over that credit when you activate the other one?
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