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  1. Hey @raeroshow -- I have also struggled for hours and just realized the walkthrough video suggested users to use google sheet. So I did the same -- download the template -> upload it to google drive -> convert it to google sheet format -> copy paste all the data to the google sheet -> and then export the csv file. And it works. Yay!
  2. @tuanphan -- Thank you so much! Everything just makes more sense now! I just wanted to use the same font style for the category and sub-categories, and your code has solved it! 🙂 2 more follow-up questions: 1. the grey line still displays in sub-category pages -- how can I fix this? 2. Can I adjust the spacing between the section top, category title, sub-category titles and product blocks? (I did try to put line-height in the code but it just looked really off...) Thanks again for your help! Your code really makes up for Squarespace's unthoughtful design...
  3. Hi everyone, I also encountered similar problems. The code for adjusting category titles works perfectly. Thank you @tuanphan! But now I have some other questions: How to remove the grey line between categories and product blocks? Can I style the font of the categories (Bowl and Plates, Chopsticks, etc) and make them align with the category title? And also the line spacing between them? Similarly, can I change the font style of "All Products" same as the category title? Much appreciated!
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