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  1. This is something I may feel really dumb about if someone points it out but I simply can't seem to find out how to move Products from one Store to another since the update to the store I got today. I used to go to the product information on the product page and on the bottom was a "Move" button but now it's gone along with the other buttons. The other functions are now in a "..." menu by each product to move to top of bottom, Edit or Delete but nothing to move between pages. This is also still what the HELP page for suqarespace still says. I would love for someone to point out my idiocy quickly so I can get sorted with my imported products but I'm starting to think They're somehow missed adding that function to the update.
  2. I've been playing around with the CSS seeing if I could jostle free a few of the brain cells I had last time I played with it over 10 years back and to my surprise I managed to figure it out that way. I'm not sure its the Right way to do it but the code I used was /* Change Top Breadcrumb Size */ h3.nested-category-title { font-size: 40px !important; padding-top: 5px !important; padding-bottom: 7px !important; } .collection-content-wrapper { padding-top: 10px !important; } .nested-category-breadcrumb { font-size: 20px !important; padding-top: 8px !important; padding-bottom: 8px !important; } This Also changes the font sizes of the product title and breadcrumb FYI.
  3. Hi! Does anyone know how to alter the heading of the padding on the product s? I like the feature but it doesn't need to take up anywhere near that much space on the page. I'd like it to just be barely larger than the text. Many thanks in advance!
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