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  1. I can't even figure out what it is. I tried to set one by going to Page settings and putting one in and clicking Save but it doesn't seem to work: gloria does it matter? using Squarespace 7.1
  2. thanks for the reply, see above post with an attached image which shows what I want to do. The before/after plug-in looks nice but not what I am looking for. I just want a simple slideshow with arrows.
  3. This might help. See the attached image. I have a slideshow at the bottom in a one column format (as a Gallery section) but I want it to be above in the 1st column in the 2 column above. Slideshow block is not an option in 7.1 and Gallery section can not be moved into the 2 columns. So is there any other way to add a simple slideshow in 2 columns?
  4. here is a link: https://brass-hen-5y7b.squarespace.com/diego-luna-1 I just need a simple slider in one of the columns. I have a simple slideshow at the bottom of the page but it takes up the whole row in a single column. I'm surprised how limited Squarespace is.
  5. I have a normal page that is set up in a two column format and in one column I wanted to put in a slideshow that takes up half the page (one column) but the slideshow block is not available (7.1) I can create a gallery section with a simple slideshow but then it is in one full-width column and really doesn't go with the design. I can't seem to move the gallery section into the 2nd column and support says it is not possible. Does anyone know of any way to make a slideshow in a two-column format? any work arounds or plug-ins?
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