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  1. Just stunning that this extremely basic functionality isn't already part of Squarespace, seeing as it's been requested - vehemently - since 2017 at least. I found all these delightful threads full of people who would love to be able to do something like, say, use the same form they created on one page on another, or copy/paste a section of laboriously arranged blocks so that they needn't recreate hours of work over and over. Each of these threads ends with "perhaps you should request this feature!" So, exactly what does it take to get Squarespace to even notice repeated, consistent requests for a feature from multiple users over the course of multiple years? Are we expected to convey our requests via a note tied to a brick thrown through the home office window? I'm willing to do that if it'll spark a little activity on the backend. Perhaps the feature we need to request is a REQUEST FEATURE feature, since the one we currently are being repeatedly told to use is completely nonfunctional. Squarespace charges a truly shocking amount for a desperately mediocre service; the least y'all could do is actually pay attention to your customers.
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