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  1. Thanks i adapted it slightly as wasn't right inital result i managed to get something we are happy with by changing to /* Shop link effect */ .category-link:after { content: ''; background: #000; height: 2px; width: 0; display: block; margin-top: 2px !important; transition: width 1s; margin: 1 auto; } .category-link:hover:after { width: 12%; } thanks again for the help
  2. Its in the first post i made above your reply. https://www.fab-medical.com
  3. Site URL: https://www.fab-medical.com Hi All i am attempting to replicate the underline effect that my menu bar has at the top of the website on the category names in the list on the sidebar of the shop page any help is much appreciated., https://www.fab-medical.com
  4. Hi All I used the settings switch to toggle OFF the all category however when you open the shop page https://www.fab-medical.com/shop it still displays all items on the right hand side is there an easy way to have it default to only showing promotions?
  5. I just wanted to bump this post to see if you had any other suggestions thanks
  6. Sorry to be clear the code worked to remove the all category after i removed some other code that was in the custom css however the shop page still displays all the products ones loaded instead of showing only whats the the top category "Promotions"
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply however this didn't work the all category still appears
  8. I am also looking to remove the "All" Category from my site with little success some code i used before worked when the store was my homepage but it is not anymore and now does not work, https://www.fab-medical.com/shop i just want to remove the All and i will make an All Promotions Category which i want to be the first thing people see! any help is appreciated!
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